The Razorbacks are currently in the process of installing Chad Morris’ offense. With less than a handful of spring practices under their belts in Fayetteville, the Arkansas players don’t have the system mastered at this point, but the learning process appears to be going well for the two quarterbacks expected to receive the majority of reps come the fall.

Morris has already stated that the quarterback competition is wide open in Fayetteville and the QBs on the roster seem to appreciate the opportunity to show their new coach what they are capable of doing in his offense.

Following Tuesday’s practice, both junior Ty Storey and sophomore Cole Kelley were made available to the media. While it’s much too early to say which QB leads the ongoing competition in Fayetteville, they both profess to loving the team’s new offense being installed by Morris.

“I love it. Just being able to go up-tempo, especially for a quarterback, you can get into a rhythm, also you can always slow it down like we do some,” Ty Storey said following the third practice of the spring. “It’s been really good.”

As for how difficult the offense it is to learn, Storey said he actually enjoys that part of the process.

“It’s kinda my third offense I’ve had to learn, I learned Coach Chaney’s when he was here. It’s just getting back to the basics and learning the formations and going through that,” Storey continued. “I kinda like that stuff, it’s been cool over the break to learn the new offense and try to master it.”

Coach Morris also got some praise from the team’s elder statesman under center. Here’s what Storey had to say about his new coach.

“Really energetic guy, he brings a lot of energy,” he continued. “I know a lot of people feed off that energy, just seeing that and him out there trying to pump us up is really cool.”

Storey isn’t the only one that appreciates the change in Fayetteville. Cole Kelley also claims he prefers the new system.

“This offense fits me better than the one I was previously in,” Kelley stated, explaining his preference to be in the shotgun formation more than going under center.

Here’s what Kelley said about the spring’s competition at QB.

“It’s been great, we feed off each other. I know personally for me, it pushes me to do better when you have guys competing with you,” he continued. “They are really good quarterbacks so it makes me step my game up some.”

The good vibes around the team’s new coach appear to be a mutual feeling among all the players.

“I love him, he’s great. Having not known him for that long already, I would already go to war for him,” Kelley said. “He’s a great guy, he’s high energy and stuff. I think our team responds really well to him.”