After being withheld from the game against Georgia last week in Little Rock, Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema announced Wednesday on the SEC Coaches teleconference that running back Korliss Marshall has been suspended and will remain suspended for three to four weeks.

A report from the Harrison Daily confirms the suspension is related to an off-the-field transgression.

“Korliss won’t be with us for a period of about three to four weeks, Bielema said. “There were some choices he made away from the game that are going to keep keep him out for a while. The good news is I had a pretty spirited conversation with him on Monday or Tuesday. Took him out of our program for the week. I met with him on Friday.”

“He’s only got one more opportunity to get it right. If he doesn’t get it right, it’ll probably be one of the saddest stories in my coaching career, because he’s got a lot of talent, and he’s got a great heart. He’s just made some poor choices that won’t be rewarded in our program, I guarantee that.”