A young Arkansas super fan had the best reaction to finding out he would be watching his beloved Razorbacks in person.

A clip shows the young fan enjoying his breakfast when his dad starts a conversation with “your mom and I have talked.” Like most kids hearing those words, the boy stopped and focused all his attention on his dad, probably expecting bad news.

In an adorable plot twist, the dad, also decked out in Razorback gear, tells the young lad that they wouldn’t be watching the Razorbacks on TV, that they would be watching in person. The dad then continues that they would be watching the Razorbacks play against Kansas, then would be staying for a second game to boo Texas “the entire time.”

Here’s his reaction:

Perhaps Arkansas should think about sending more tickets to the young man, considering the Razorbacks stunned Kansas in an epic upset on Saturday.

The Razorbacks now head to the Sweet 16 to play on Thursday. They will face either UConn or Saint Mary’s as they look to make the Elite Eight for the 3rd straight season.