Bret Bielema has played and coached in the Big Ten, and also spent some time in the Big 12.

So who better than the Razorbacks coach to champion the SEC’s cause when it comes to which conference is best?

Arkansas roughed up Kansas State in a 45-23 win at the Liberty Bowl on Saturday, securing a record eighth win for the conference this bowl season.

When asked about the significance of that win and how the league stacked up against the rest of the country, Bielema and his quarterback Brandon Allen had strong words.

According to’s Greg Ostendorf, here’s what they had to say:

First, Razorbacks senior Brandon Allen brought it strong.

“I think there’s been talk that the SEC is kind of down, that it’s not the best conference. To see us playing all these other teams, it’s not even really close. That means a lot. The SEC has always been and will always be the toughest conference to play in.”

Then, Bielema dropped the hammer.

“What people have to realize is we play each other,” he said. “If somebody wants to find out, come in and play all seven of us, and see what you think. It blows my mind that people can’t wrap around that concept. They just see it as a loss. Well, who’d they lose to? It’s really mind-blowing the fact that people can’t grasp that simple concept.”

These guys are preaching the gospel that SEC fans have been putting out there for years.

Though it is fair to point out that Arkansas was responsible for one of the league’s more embarrassing losses to MAC member Toledo back in September.