Arkansas and SEC referees aren’t exactly the best of friends these days, especially when the Razorbacks play Auburn.

On Saturday, there was another controversial call that went against the Hogs. Last year, there was Bo Nix’s spike-or-fumble play that went Auburn’s way, leading to a game-winning Auburn field goal.

This year, in the first quarter, Jarquez Hunter appeared to fumble, but upon review, the ruling of no fumble was upheld.

Here’s the play:

Let’s just say the Arkansas Twitter account wasn’t happy. The account posted a picture of the fumble and then a GIF of coach Sam Pittman expressing disappointment:

The ruling on the field was that Hunter’s forward progress was stopped, which is why there was no fumble.

Obviously, though, based on the recent history of the series, fans and media members had plenty to say about the call:

We’ll see if Auburn gets any additional favorable calls as the game goes on.