Sam Pittman’s legend may be growing by the day, especially after he made a visit on the SEC Network’s “Talkin’ Season.”

During an SEC Media Days visit with Marty Smith and Ryan McGee, Pittman explained the once viral picture of him at Pittsburg State. As Smith and McGee pointed out, there is a Coors Light next his foot on the bench just above an Igloo cooler.

The picture made the rounds on social media in the last year, especially after Pittman was named the head coach at Arkansas, and as he’s grown into a larger fan favorite across the SEC.

“It was the spring game and I had had ACL surgery,” Pittman said. “But I wanted to get out there for a play or 2, so I just told the the left tackle, don’t block me. I’m not going to make the play, but after I got done, I said, I brought the Igloo and some Silver Bullets. And I told the fellas, ‘Hey, I’m going to sit over here and drink some beer, you’re more than welcome to come over here and do it with me, and I sat over there and had me a few drinks.'”