What are the chances that Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn would leave the Tigers for Arkansas?

If the Arkansas job were to open up — and there’s a good chance it will, considering athletic director Jeff Long is already gone — it might be worth the Razorbacks’ time to give Malzahn a phone call.

Not only is Long out at Arkansas, Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs is also stepping down. Now would be as good a time as any for Malzahn to make a move.

He has history in the state of Arkansas, ranging from his playing days at Arkansas and Henderson State, to his coaching days at Springdale High School, Arkansas and Arkansas State.

Some might say Malzahn is even an “Arkansas guy.”

WJOX (Birmingham) radio host Jim Dunaway joined Fayetteville’s Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly on Monday to discuss the potential that Malzahn might make a move.

“I would say, with a loss to Alabama, I could see an 85 percent possibility he would leave if Arkansas really wants him,” Dunaway said. “Because he loves that place. But a win, then a loss in the SEC Championship Game, still keeps them out of the playoff. At that point, I think it’s more 50-50.

“But if you’re in the playoffs, there’s no way you can walk away. And I don’t think Arkansas can wait on him.”