Arkansas is back to having a .500 record after beating New Mexico State last weekend but faces a much tougher task this weekend in having to travel to Columbia, South Carolina. The Razorbacks really need to get a win in this game to gain some confidence heading into back-to-back games against Alabama and Auburn.

Head coach Bret Bielema previewed the game during his appearance on the SEC’s weekly Coaches Teleconference.

Here’s a summary of what the Arkansas coach had to say:

  • “We are excited to get on the road in SEC play. Felt good to get the W last week, ready to get back into SEC play.”
  • South Carolina’s defense has been on the field more than anyone but not giving up points, thoughts? “They don’t give up the big play, which is big. Muschamp is doing a good job not allowing that. His team has taken over his personality there.”
  • Looking at the new faces on offense, did you think it may take awhile to get that side of the ball going? “It came about first in the spring with the loss of Rawliegh. Devwah is the only returning RB that had experience. Lost some receivers. I think on the other side of the ball, lost some good players. Many guys moving on and getting hurt.”
  • Any talk on how important this series is to Arkansas? “Yes. When we knew they were on the schedule, we talked about it. None of our players have been there, outside of David Williams, and that counts our staff.”
  • Thoughts on Alabama’s huge SEC wins? “Doesn’t surprise me with Alabama. I just saw the scores but haven’t seen the tape. Hard to look at anything other than what’s in front of you.”
  • Status of WR Brandon Martin? “He has been on the verge a couple of times. He keeps tweaking his hammy. He’s big, he’s fast, he’s athletic. Very, very excited if we can get him in the lineup this week.”