The Razorbacks avoided a complete disaster last weekend with a late fourth-quarter rally to beat Coastal Carolina. Outside of losing, the win was about as bad of a look an SEC team can have when leaving the field victorious. Arkansas finishes the season with three SEC games, needing to win two of them to make it back to a bowl game.

Bret Bielema coach spoke Wednesday during the SEC Coaches Teleconference.

Here’s a summary of what he had to say:

  • Opening comments: Getting back into SEC play after getting a win Saturday. Tough challenge of facing LSU at noon, we’ve won two of four there. Coach O has done a great job there, they almost knocked off Alabama last week.
  • Have you ever had to defend players on social media? Unfortunately yes. As coaches, we signed up for this. It’s remarkable the things some people will say, you see it at the highest level. It’s unfortunate how negative social media can get.
  • What upside is there for college players to have Twitter? If used correctly, it can be a tool to show who you are. We have one rule, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mother, grandmother or sister to see… When used properly, it can be something very positive.
  • Thoughts on being in the SEC? The reason I took this job because I thought this was a program we could build up. Last year we were on track, lost against Mizzou and Virginia Tech but since then, it’s been tough to get back there. I knew where we were we needed to clean up the program and we’ve done that. I think the people close to the program understand the progress of the program. This Saturday is another opportunity.
  • Challenge of stopping LSU run game? Credit Matt Canada and what he brings to that team. They run sideline to sideline, it’s tough to defend.
  • How were you able to beat LSU in the past? Year 2 and 3 we played a complete four-quarter game. There are many things it takes to win but there are many things you can do to lose a game as well. This year, we have to execute our gameplan.
  • Thoughts on QBs? Austin Allen looked good, he was out there yesterday, wasn’t able to go Tuesday last week. Cole Kelley got more reps yesterday. The good news is we have a couple of good QBs.
  • Thoughts on LSU after Troy loss? I’ve known Coach O for a long time and he remains positive through it all. LSU is very talented, they went toe-to-toe with one of the best and that goes down to Coach O.