Coming off a bad home loss to TCU, this can’t be an easy week for Arkansas coach Bret Bielema. His team is on a bye but that doesn’t mean work isn’t being done in order to prepare for Texas A&M.

Here’s a summary of what Bielema said during his session on the SEC Coaches Teleconference Wednesday.

  • Have to take advantage of the week. (TCU) was a disappointing game all around, but give credit to TCU. We will be healthier coming out of this bye week. Looking forward to the trip to Jerry World.
  • On the plan for field goal kicking moving forward? We plan on doing a two-week kicking competition and the most accurate kicker will play against Texas A&M. I reached out to Cole Hedlund after the game. I have been his biggest supporter the past few years.
  • Anything on tape you didn’t see on Saturday? Yeah, there’s always things. We do a breakdown of all three phases. It wasn’t all negative, we had some positives. I don’t think people expected the game to be low scoring heading into the 4th. Our defense played well for most of the game. We missed too many tackles, gave up two late scores. Offensively, we stressed the 12% rule. No penalties, no turnovers, taking care of the football.
  • Evaluation of his line play? OL from the RT over, Johnny Gibson played well, needs to get better in pass pro. Frank is playing at a high level. Colton Jackson is the guy we need to bring over. Jake Raulerson did some nice things. We will continue to massage that.