Bret Bielema announced Friday that he will be the New England Patriots new defensive line coach for the 2019 season. It’s not quite the defensive coordinator gig he was expecting to receive after the 2018 season, but it’s a return to on-field coaching after being “Consultant to the Head Coach” for the Patriots last season.

Now that he’ll be coaching again and not just consulting, Bielema shared his thoughts on making the transition from college to the NFL. All of Bielema’s prior coaching experience came at the college level.

“I remember the first time we went through a drill here a year ago, we got done with the drill and I’m like, ‘Wow, these guys are good.’ I kinda laughed and then had a moment later on, ‘Well, yeah, they’re NFL players,'” he told reporters Friday.

He went on to note that while NFL practices are more efficient, the emphasis on fundamentals is a notable carry over from the college game. Bielema also found last year that he was coaching many familiar faces of players he had recruited or had coached against at Arkansas and Wisconsin.

The full clip can be seen below: