If you attempted to write down all the mistakes that were made in Fayetteville during the Chad Morris era at Arkansas, it would take so long that you’d probably miss dinner.

That being said, some of the biggest mistakes made on The Hill during that time were made by the team’s talented tight end, C.J. O’Grady.

The school’s all-time leading touchdown receiver from the tight end position, O’Grady finished his college career with 87 catches for 967 yards and had 12 touchdowns. Unfortunately, he did not get to finish his career on the field. After being suspended by the team after the Alabama game, it wasn’t long before Morris announced O’Grady had stepped away from the program.

The tight end shared this message on Twitter back in late October leading up to the news of his dismissal:

“Beyond blessed to say I had the privilege and opportunity to be a Razorback. I was actually given the chance to live my dream and I will forever be thankful for it.”

O’Grady is currently in Indianapolis at the 2020 NFL Combine along with several hundred other draft hopeful prospects and for the first time, the former Razorback tight end has come clean regarding the end of his playing career at Arkansas.

“What Coach Morris came out and said wasn’t all the way true – it’s wasn’t a mutual agreement. I was actually removed/dismissed from the team,” O’Grady shares in the video below. “I decided to, very immature part of mine, after the Alabama game kinda told the coaches I don’t really want to come – my body is sore. Lame excuses, immature. I like to call it the old C.J. I’ve moved past that.”

Credit O’Grady for getting this information out there and letting NFL teams know he messed up and is ready to move forward. The NFL scouts and GMs were likely going to find out this information anyway and had O’Grady hid the truth from them, that would have only served to affect him negatively in their eyes.

Pro Football Focus shared this clip from the combine on Tuesday: