Arkansas is coming off of a 51-10 loss to Auburn Saturday, and things get even tougher this week against Alabama.

The No. 1 Crimson Tide hosts the Hogs Saturday in Bryant-Denny Stadium, and Chad Morris previewed the game Monday during his regularly scheduled press conference.

Here are the five things he said about Alabama:

On facing Tua-less Alabama with backup Mac Jones
“Well, first of all, there’s not many deficiencies on that football team. Mac Jones came in the other night, and they’ll do a great job of preparing a plan for him to where he can execute and execute at a high level. They’ve got a great supporting cast around him. A great wide receiver core that, you can look all you want, there’s not many deficiencies. The speed that they have and obviously being able to run the ball with (Najee) Harris is very effective. For Mac, they’ll have a plan for him, but as far as deficiencies, you’re the quarterback at Alabama or a program of that caliber, you’re a really good football player. He was playing behind a really good one (Tua Tagovailoa), too.”

On attacking Alabama’s young defense
“We’ve got to continue to be as creative as we can, and we’ve got to move the football and attacking the weaknesses, if there are any. Again, we haven’t found too many. They are talented and young defensively. They start four true freshmen up front, two backers and two d-linemen. Sound and experienced in the secondary. That’s the best part of their defensive unit. The secondary stands out very experienced. We’ve got to do a good job of not turning the ball over and getting in some type of consistency of running and throwing.”

On Alabama winning 88 straight games against unranked teams
“Well, it’s hard to win, period, regardless of who you are playing, and to see the strength that they’ve had — they get everybody’s best each week. When you’re ranked that high and have been that good for so long, everybody comes in bringing their best. To see them week-in and week-out to continue to play at a high level and win, it is impressive. It’s something that we strive to have our program at at some point in time as all programs across the country. They’ve pretty much been the measuring block around the country.”

On Alabama starting 8 freshmen
“We’re playing a lot of freshmen and we’re second-most in the country behind Alabama. It’s impressive to watch these guys play. Christian Harris the freshman linebacker is dynamic. He’s all over the field. DJ Dale, a defensive linemen, is another one. It’s impressive to watch Shane Lee another freshmen. They’re definitely young and playing extremely well.”

On Alabama changing its offense over recent history
“In the past when you look at an Alabama team, you see a bigger 6-3 wide receivers. One of the things I’ve noticed just observing them over the last six, seven years and here as of recent, they’ve gone more for the speed aspect at wide receiver to catch the slant and to be able to outrun you. All these guys from (DeVonta) Smith to (Jerry) Jeudy to (Henry) Ruggs, these guys have elite speed and quickness and great ball skills. That’s one thing that really stood out to me.”

Arkansas and Alabama kickoff Saturday at 7:00 p.m. ET on ESPN.