It’s bad enough that Arkansas can’t seem to win any meaningful games on the field but when they embarrass themselves on the field with a horrific fake punt, it doesn’t take long before fans around the nation poke fun at the Razorbacks.

Chad Morris’ program did just that Saturday against Auburn with a fake punt call on fourth and 11 that even had it been successfully executed, it would not resulted in a gain.

So what was the thinking behind that call?

“Yeah, not the result we were looking for,” Morris said after Arkansas lost 51-10 to Auburn. “It was something that they had shown, we have actually been working on that for a couple of weeks. I thought at the time that we needed something to get us kickstarted, just wasn’t moving the chains.

“We needed something to give us a spark and we were going to have to try and steal a possession somewhere. Luckily they missed the field goal so that didn’t hurt us at that point. We were looking for anything to try and get a spark on that one.”

Morris added this comment when asked about the odd execution of the play by the punter’s toss attempt.

“Yeah, it’s just designed to — they had a full-on rush,” Morris said. “Let the rush come and kinda touch pass over the top like a basketball shot, right over the top with (Auburn’s player) running under it.”

If you missed the play, you can check it out below.