Chad Morris has again agreed with the assessments that the Alabama offense is the best he’s seen.

The Arkansas coach explained that it was the speed, size and Tua Tagovailoa’s composure as difference makers that set the Crimson Tide apart in the Alabama win on Saturday

“Watching him reminded me of Deshaun (Watson) and how the game slowed down for him,” Morris said Wednesday on the SEC Media Teleconference. “He anticipates his throws, he sees them open before they are … Their ability to play action you, this is one of the best offenses I’ve seen and they are so explosive.”

However, Arkansas had plenty of success against Alabama, and he said the Razorbacks planned to use screens against the aggressive defense.

“They are very aggressive, we tried to use that against them,” he said. “When you go against teams of that caliber, you try to make their keys lie to them.”

If Morris faced Alabama again, he was asked what he would do a second time.

“We would mix up how we play the wide receivers,” he said. “They use their elite speed to erase angles. We would need to mix that up.

Looking ahead to playing host to Ole Miss this week, Morris said the Rebels are as good as anyone at the skill positions.

“They could have three first-round picks at WR,” he said. “Their QB is completing passes at a high level, only 60 something incompletions this season.”

Devwah Whaley, who is trying to come back from a concussion, was at practice on Tuesday, and Morris anticipates Whaley being back this week.