When Arkansas fired Bret Bielema on Friday as he was walking off the field following yet another tough loss to Missouri, it angered a lot of people.

Many believed Bielema deserved better for what he’s put into the Razorbacks’ program over the past five years.

Arkansas could have fired him later in the day, or perhaps, the next day. But the fact remains — it didn’t. It fired him right after the 48-45 loss in Fayetteville.

Among those who had an issue with Bielema’s firing was Charles Barkley, who joined the ESPN College GameDay set on Saturday morning as a guest picker.

When Barkley got on the set, he opened up by condemning Arkansas.

“What Arkansas did to Bret Bielema, firing him as he was walking off the field, that’s a travesty,” Barkley said.