Great news out of Fayetteville on Wednesday as Chad Morris has revealed that the rehab time for CJ O’Grady won’t be very long.

O’Grady shared news of his recent surgery on Tuesday evening with the following cryptic message.

“For those of you who thought this was behavior-related, that’s not the case. Had a very minor setback today in practice,” O’Grady tweeted out. “Going to have surgery tomorrow and I’m praying it goes smooth. I’ll forever be thankful for the plan God has for me. Should be back healthy in a few weeks.”

Turns out a “few weeks” is what the Arkansas coaches also believe when it comes to a recovery timeline for the team’s best tight end as Chad Morris opened his Wednesday press conference with the following information on O’Grady, defensive lineman Austin Capps and receiver Koilan Jackson.

“CJ should be back in about two weeks, we are anticipating. Had a knee sprain,” Morris revealed on Wednesday. “Austin Capps, the same thing. Something that has been bothering him a little bit but he should be back for the first game. Koilan Jackson, Koilan maybe three and a half weeks, or so… We opted to go ahead and do all three of these now to keep them from lingering.”

This news should provide some relief to Razorback fans as their team likely won’t even need these players to beat Portland State in the opener but to have all these players back for the Week 2 trip to Ole Miss could be huge for the team’s chances. Now that we know the recovery time won’t be long at all, there’s still a good chance all three of these players suit up when the Razorbacks meet the Rebels in Oxford.