Former Arkansas quarterback Clint Stoerner knows a thing or two about the Razorbacks.

Stoerner was the Hogs’ quarterback from 1996-99, throwing for 57 career touchdowns, and he was the 1999 second-team All-SEC quarterback.

But now, he’s on the other side of the coin with the media. Stoerner was recently hired by the SEC Network as an analyst, and he appeared on the Paul Finebaum show this past week.

In a conversation about former USC quarterback Ricky Town transferring into the program, Finebaum asked Stoerner what his thoughts were on the Hogs this season, the pro-style offense and if the program is a Cinderella team to watch. You can also watch the video here.

“The pro-style offense — there’s not a lot of them around in the country, and Bret Bielema chooses to remain in that style of offense and believes he can do it at the University of Arkansas. They have become, in my opinion, hands down, the best pro-style running game in the country.”

That’s high praise from Stoerner, considering Alabama, Georgia and LSU all run a very similar style of offense featuring a down-hill running game. Perhaps Alabama has ventured into less of a strict pro-style offense under Lane Kiffin, though, but the running game should be the anchor of the offense this season. Georgia led the SEC in rushing last season, racking up 3,352 yards and 38 touchdowns. Arkansas rushed for 2,834 yards and 31 touchdowns and finished fifth in rushing yards per game behind UGA and LSU.

Stoerner went on to say the Hogs have to find some weapons on the outside to go along with the running game and tight ends if they want to contend for the division.

He continued, “I firmly believe they’re an eight-win team. I think Bret Bielema’s worth eight wins. Can they get over that hump? Who’s going to be the X-factor?”