The rumors of Gus Malzahn being interested in, and possibly going to, Arkansas have been consistent since before the Razorbacks fired Bret Bielema.

Now that the Auburn coach is in the SEC Championship Game, and presumably a win away from the College Football Playoff, scenarios are being floated about the possibilities of him returning to his home state to coach the Razorbacks.

Oddsmaker Danny Sheridan was a recent guest on Bo Mattingly’s radio show in Arkansas and spelled out how a Malzahn-to-Arkansas situation would unfold.

“Georgia beats them, I’d say it’s off the board, he’s going to Arkansas,” Sheridan said. “If he beats Georgia, he’ll get in the College Playoff, does well, let’s say wins a game or loses a game, let’s say he loses the first round, I’d favor him 6-5 still to go to Arkansas. If he goes on to the second round, the championship game, even money.”