If Arkansas is going to make a turnaround on the field this season, the Razorbacks are going to need every playmaker on the roster to contribute this fall. While some SEC programs can sustain losses better than most, Chad Morris’ program is nowhere close to that level at this point in time.

That’s the bad news. The good news? Two of the team’s key players will enter training camp at 100 percent, according to Arkansas head strength coach Trumain Caroll.

Senior linebacker De’jon “Scoota” Harris is the league’s leading returning tackler but he missed all of spring camp and has dealt with foot injuries at times last season. He may very well be the most irreplaceable defender on the team heading into the fall. According to Caroll, Razorback fans don’t need to worry about the senior’s status entering camp.

“Scoota man, he’s moving faster than I’ve ever seen him from an agility standpoint. He is like, oh my goodness, he is fun to watch,” Carroll said on Tuesday during his pre-camp media availability. “You know, just because you expect them obviously, he is the SEC’s [returning] leading tackler. So, to see his competitiveness within drill work, you know, it’s fun to watch… the foot is 100 percent back. He’s 100 percent back.”

Another name many Arkansas fans are eagerly awaiting an update is freshman receiver Treylon Burks. The No. 1 prospect from the state for the 2019 recruiting cycle, Burks turned down the likes of LSU, Clemson and Florida State to play for his in-state school.

Unfortunately for Burks, he tore his ACL during his senior season at Warren High School, but much like Scoota Harris, Carroll has confidence that the freshman will be ready to go entering camp.

“Treylon Burks, the same thing,” Carroll noted. “I would say that he’s still, they still make him wear his knee brace when he does certain things just as a safety precaution, but when he’s out there running routes and doing all of it, you know he’s he looks, he looks really good, really fluid really flowing.”

That’s got to be music to the ears of Razorback fans everywhere.