Derek Ruscin, an Arkansas radio host on ESPN Arkansas, has been punished by the station following comments about an Arkansas baseball player over the weekend.

Ruscin’s comments were in response to catcher Michael Turner’s answer to a question about the Razorbacks’ recent struggles. Turner said the Hogs are “trying to keep the circle tight and cut out a lot of the outside noise. It’s not always that easy to play here. There’s a lot of people that are fans, some are good fans, some are not good fans. And if you read Twitter after the game, it can get in your mind a little bit. So we’re just trying to keep the circle tight and keep moving forward.”

Ruscin responded this way initially, and then played the Turner comments.

“I’ll say it, and I wouldn’t say this about a young player, Michael Turner, he’s a fifth-year guy from Kent State, he’s a stupid ass, the catcher for the Arkansas Razorbacks,” he said during Friday’s episode.

Then followed it up with this, “First of all, you’re not a Razorback, you’re a rental player and have sucked, so thanks for nothing. Secondly, as a rental player, you do not get to come in here and criticize this fan base, you stupid ass. Not a chance. The question was about the entire team, and you used the entire answer to take a swing at this fan base. You’re a disgrace, Michael Turner. You’re a disgrace! You should not get to wear that uniform again. What a loser. You know why they’re losing, because you’re a loser, and you’re the catcher. You’re in charge of this whole thing on the infield. You’re a loser and a disgrace. And you can’t get out of this program soon enough.”

ESPN Arkanas market manager Tommy Craft released a statement that said Ruscin would be taking time away from the stations. Craft said the comments went too far, and did not meet the station’s standard for quality content.