Eric Musselman wasn’t the only one in the mood to celebrate after Arkansas upset No. 1 Auburn on Tuesday night in front of a packed Bud Walton Arena.

As soon as the Hogs put the finishing touches on their 80-76 overtime victory, the stands emptied as fans and students rushed the court in celebration.

Eventually, Musselman returned to the court shirtless to celebrate. On SiriusXM Radio this week, Musselman explained the process that led to the celebration:

“First of all, I had to get off the floor right away,” Musselman said. “The shoulder surgeon, Dr. Cox, had told us before the game, ‘Hey, if we win, you gotta get him off the floor as quick as possible.’ I’m only 3 weeks into the surgery. The biggest fear is you get jolted and the surgery fails. So they got me to the back, got to do the interview in the hallway with Alyssa (Lang). …

“(The student section) kept saying, ‘If we win, you’ve gotta take your shirt off.’ I was reluctant — because of the shoulder thing, I’ve gained about 7 pounds. I was really reluctant to pull that shirt off. … I asked 2 police officers if there was any way they could get me back out on the floor to celebrate with the students and they obliged, and we had a blast. It was a really, really cool environment.”

Hopefully Musselman’s shoulder is feeling OK after the celebration, because there could be a lot more partying in Arkansas’s future.