Eric Musselman and the Arkansas Razorbacks expect to be a top-10 team when the 2022-23 season begins in November.

But, to get to that point and beyond, Musselman knows his young squad still has a lot of work to do, as a recent 4-game trip to Spain and Italy.

Per, the Razorbacks committed 86 turnovers in 4 games. They turned the ball over at least 20 times in 3 of 4 exhibition games and had a high of 30 against the Bakken Bears on Monday.

Musselman called the turnovers “ridiculous” and also added that 3-point shooting has to improve before the season starts:

“The turnovers are ridiculous,” Musselman said. “Words can’t describe how concerned I am about our turnovers. Our three-point shooting has got to improve. I didn’t think it could match last year, but it kind of is.

“So in a short amount of time, meaning September and October, we have some guys that really have to work on taking care of the ball and then we’ve got to improve perimeter shooting.”

Arkansas went undefeated on the 4-game trip, but Musselman knows his team, which has Final Four aspirations this season, can’t afford to get too full of itself at this point in the year.