Just when you thought it wasn’t possible, Sam Pittman became more popular in the state of Arkansas.

The clear frontrunner to be named SEC Coach of the Year after four games, Pittman has the entire state proud of their football team once again as the Razorbacks are coming off an impressive 33-21 win over Ole Miss on Saturday.

Only four SEC teams have a better record than Arkansas’s 2-2 mark, and if not for an officiating mistake at the end of the Auburn game, Pittman’s team would be 3-1 on the season.

The head Hog recently made an appearance on ESPN show SportsCenter and went all in on the Razorbacks.

“This statement is probably going to cost me some money one of these days, but this is it for me,” Pittman says in the clip below. “I’m not interested in any other program, Arkansas is truly the greatest program in America to me… This will be my last job.”

Check out Pittman’s full appearance on SportsCenter below: