Feleipe Franks has always been known for his arm strength, but he’s not afraid to take off and run when the opportunity presents itself.

Franks made his NFL debut in Friday night’s Atlanta-Tennessee preseason game. While the Falcons offense isn’t putting many points on the board, Franks is getting to show off his wheels.

While scrambling early in the fourth quarter, Franks saw some green grass and took off, gaining over 50 yards.

Arkansas and Florida fans are sure to recognize it as a very “Franks” run.

At this time, Franks has 76 rushing yards on 4 rushes.

As a passer, Franks is just 1-of-7 for 2 yards.

Franks followed AJ McCarron, who was 5-of-12 for 36 yards and an interception.

The Titans lead 23-3 in the fourth quarter.