Former Arkansas coach Bret Bielema could be on his way back to the South if a report of his job search is true.

Steven N. Godfrey Jr. of Banner Society reported that Bielema has interviewed for multiple openings, including Southern Miss, where he’s considered a top candidate. Bielema is in his first season on the New York Giants staff after he spent the previous two seasons with the New England Patriots as a defensive assistant.

If Bielema is hired, it would be his third stop as a college head coach. Bielema went 68-24 in seven seasons at Wisconsin before he was hired at Arkansas. He finished with a 29-34 mark with the Razorbacks and was fired in November 2017.

Outside of coaching, Bielema’s name has generated headlines in recent months because of an ongoing legal battle with the Razorback Foundation.

There’s a pending lawsuit between the two sides to determine whether Bielema is due $7 million from a buyout clause. Bielema had sued the Razorback Foundation, which pays coaches’ salaries and buyouts, then the foundation countersued.

The latest chapter of the saga involved Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Bielema’s Neil Cornrich.

The Razorback Foundation has claimed, which Bielema and Cornrich take issue with, is that Bielema, Cornrich, and Belichick entered into some scheme to cause Bielema to be underpaid for his role with the Patriots, purposefully bringing harm to the Razorback Foundation.