Former Arkansas OL Dan Skipper made his first NFL start on Sunday. It’s been a long journey.

Skipper knows all about roster cuts. In this year’s “Hard Knocks,” Lions coach Dan Campbell’s conversation with Skipper about the decision to cut him was one of the show’s more memorable moments.

For Sunday’s Detroit-Washington, Campbell chose Skipper to make a start at guard. After the game, Skipper was the first player Campbell sent to the podium to meet with the media.

“It’s my sixth year in the league, and I’ve never made a team,” Skipper said after the game. “It’s tough. You go in, and you’re never quite good enough. You’re not quite enough. You show up every day and you think you’re doing the right things and just for whatever reason, it just doesn’t quite work out. I think I’ve had 20 NFL contracts. They’re not worth the paper they’re written on.”

Skipper has a lot of Razorback and Lions fans rooting for him.