Greg Sankey gave his thoughts on Arkansas’ rehiring of Bobby Petrino on Thursday.

Petrino coached the Razorbacks from 2008 to 2011, but was fired after a scandal involving a motorcycle accident with an Arkansas’ staffer, who he was having an affair with. Petrino saw plenty of success during his limited time at Arkansas, winning 10 games and 11 games in his final two seasons.

Petrino has been back in the SEC since his firing — he served as Texas A&M’s offensive coordinator this past season. Sankey noted that nobody asked him about that, and that history, to him, is just history.

“It’s interesting, nobody asked me about him being back in the league when he was hired at Texas A&M last year,” Sankey said. “So he’s been back in the league. There’s history, but I consider that to be history.”

Now serving as Arkansas’ offensive coordinator, Petrino is looking to replicate the success he had with the Razorbacks over a decade ago.