Arkansas will revisit its history this season as it will wear uniforms fans remember from years gone by.

The 2019 uniform will be without the stripes and designs the uniform featured the previous few seasons.

“It’s a great look,” Morris said of the “McFadden-era uniforms.” “If you just look at the way Twitter blew up when we announced those, it was unbelievable.”

Shortly after Morris arrived at Arkansas, he asked the equipment staff how the program could get back to the iconic look. That was a traditional look for the Razorbacks, but to order the uniforms took a year or a year and a half, Morris said.

“To be able to unveil those uniforms this year and to be able to wear the red over the white, we’re going to wear them every opportunity we get,” Morris said. “As we move forward in our program, and as long as I’m a part of it, that’s the look that I want to have.”

Here are the uniforms the team announced last week: