Change is coming in Fayetteville as Arkansas AD Hunter Yurachek made the decision over the weekend to fire Chad Morris before the coach had a chance to finish out his second season with the Razorbacks.

While making a decision that quickly is rare in college football, based on the lack of progression from the Razorbacks, the choice had to be made.

That’s something the Arkansas AD shared during his Monday press conference where he discussed the decision to fire Morris and begin the search for the next Razorback coach.

“It’s been a tough couple of days for myself and everyone associated with the Razorback football program,” Yurachek said. “I made a decision that there needed to be a change in leadership of our program… I do firmly and confidentially believe it was the best professional decision for our Razorback football program at this time. What makes it really challenging for someone that sits in my chair is the impact my decision has and will have on the men and women that work in our football program now. Their spouses and children and their families and the impact this decision has on them.

“I thought our football program had taken steps backward in the last few weeks. I had one goal for our football program, one main goal for our football program, and it was a simple goal — I wanted us to be competitive game in and game out. Not to win the Southeastern Conference but to be competitive game in and game out and I thought it was clear, we were no longer competitive.”

on when the decision to fire Chad Morris was made:

“I made a definitive decision Saturday night.”

Yurachek would not comment on the list of candidates for the job but did promise a “very strong candidate” pool:

“I have no doubt we will have a very strong candidate pool for this head coaching position. First, we are the University of Arkansas. We have a very proud and storied tradition.”

On if interim coach Barry Lunney is a candidate for the job in a full-time capacity:

“He did a great job energizing our young team (after being named interim coach); I’m not going to say I’m evaluating him but he has hit the ground running and has hit the ground running.

On the timeframe for making a hire:

“The early signing period is key… getting them a runway to do that is important but we won’t be in a rush… we have some time to get the search done.”

On if he specific names already in mind:

“I have developed a list of candidates, absolutely.”