Jadon Haselwood will be a key figure in the Arkansas offense this season as the Oklahoma transfer looks to be notable replacement for Treylon Burks.

Haselwood last year played in all 12 games of the regular season, catching a team-best 39 passes for 399 yards and a team-leading 6 touchdowns, and recorded multiple catches in 10 of 12 games.

When Haselwood spoke to reporters on Tuesday, and discussed the transfer.

“Those numbers weren’t good to me, first off. I feel like I’m here where I fit,” he said. “I’m here where I belong. I feel like I’m way more appreciated here. The coaches put me in more positions to contribute. That’s no shade on anybody. I just feel like overall, this year’s going to be great. Not just for me, but the whole team. Especially the offense, I know people keep bringing up Burks and what not. I mean he was a great player, but it don’t stop there. It’s going to continue to get better every year, even when I’m not here. Because we’ve got good players who’s younger, we’ve got good players coming in.”

Haselwood has long had the potential to be a big-time player since was the No. 1 wide receiver in the country in the class of 2019, and the No. 4 player overall as a recruit.