We are not sure what world we are living in right now, but it seems that Justin Bieber, the famous musician, and Nick Starkel, currently the quarterback at Arkansas, are feuding.

Yes, that sentence is absolutely correct. And Starkel, after throwing five interceptions in a bad loss to San Jose State on Saturday, started the fire, tweeting:

“Bieber shirt has been ripped in half and thrown away. No more nonsense. No more distractions. All I’m focusing on is this team and this season. Nothing else.”

If you weren’t aware, and how could you not be if you’ve watched any SEC Network coverage of Arkansas this season, Starkel traditionally wears a Bieber shirt during pregame. It’s become something that the TV network has highlighted at length in recent weeks.

Well, it seems that the man that gave us hits such as “Baby” and “Love Yourself” wasn’t happy with Starkel’s quote, as he posted this on Sunday to his 115 million Instagram followers:

If this is the start for a war of Bieber and Starkel, were are all here for it.