Kendal Briles spoke with reporters on Friday and outlined what he likes about KJ Jefferson’s development, and how he sees the wide receiver group progressing.

The Razorbacks are trying to replace star Treylon Burks, and all indications from the Arkansas offensive coordinator is that the Hogs are moving in the right direction.

“Those guys are bought in, they’re doing everything from a blocking standpoint, perimeter standpoint, knowledge standpoint, catching the football,” Briles said, via the Times Record. “And then we’ve got some guys that can separate and get down the field and make plays. Coming in, that was really a weakness that we felt like, it was unproven. We’ve had a lot of guys step up. Guys that have been here as well, some of the young guys have gotten bette on campus and that’s with Coach Walker and our strength program and what they’ve done all summer. So we feel like that’s a strong group now, whereas going to the spring and fall camp, we didn’t feel that way, so we’re real excited about the group.”

Jefferson’s leadership continues to be revealed around the program, and Briles said it’s so great to have a guy who’s done it before.

“When he talks they listen, and that wasn’t the case this time a year ago,” Briles said. “This time a year ago, we really had no idea what he could do on the field, before you get in a game with live bullets, then you really just don’t know. And so now we know what we have from a competitor standpoint, from a player. … Everything he’s done, he’s put himself in position to have a great year.”

“Bottom line is, he is a winner, we know he’s a winner and to be a great quarterback you have to win football games. I believe in him.”