KJ Jefferson is expected to be one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC in 2022, but he may not be the only signal-caller we see take the field at Arkansas this fall. According to a report from On3’s Chandler Vessels, Arkansas could use Malik Hornsby as both a wide receiver and quarterback this season.

This doesn’t seem to be any knock of Jefferson, though, who has an incredibly high ceiling between his mobility, large frame and what he brings to the table in terms of having improved as a pure passer. Jefferson is taking all of this in stride, as he would the expected to since the logical explanation seems that Arkansas would be using Hornsby limitedly and in only certain packages.

“Just the athleticism that he has and he brings to the table,” Jefferson said in the report. “When two quarterbacks are on the field, you don’t know what’s going on. You don’t know who’s gonna have the ball. Just being able to create chaos for the defensive side of the ball and having a guy like Malik with his athleticism and being able to hand him the ball, he stretches the defense. Or you don’t know if he’s gonna throw the ball deep. So being able to have two quarterbacks on the field is an advantage. We like it.”

There are split opinions on just how having two quarterbacks on the field ultimately affects the team, with some of the opinion that it’s beneficial to confuse defenses to a degree while others believe it reflects uncertainty. In this case, it would be nothing short of shocking to see Jefferson lose the reins or become a completely rotational quarterback at any point this season.