The Arkansas Razorbacks aren’t doing so well this year after transitioning from Bret Bielema to Chad Morris this offseason.

However, everyone assumed it would be a bit of a slow process, and there have been a few signs of improvement in recent weeks.

On Wednesday, ESPN host Rece Davis joined “Sport Talk with Bo Mattingly” and explained why he thought the transition might be a slow one:

“I thought it might be a little bit of a rough transition, to be honest,” he said. “Because what Chad has done —  maybe I’m overstating this, and only Chad would know — is so different. I know Arkansas really threw it well under Bielema the past couple of years. But, generally speaking, it was a bit different than what Bret had espoused and what his philosophy was. I thought it might be a little difficult. I think we’ve seen that, although there certainly have been signs of improvement.”

However, he did thank the Hogs for making sure fellow College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit didn’t win his superdog pick that week:

“I was very grateful to the Hogs for hammering Tulsa last week, because Herbstreit took Tulsa as his superdog,” he said. “I’m always glad when he misses his superdog picks.”

The Hogs have another winnable game this weekend against Vanderbilt, so we’ll see if Morris can pick up his first SEC victory.