College Football Hall of Fame inductee and former ESPN analyst Mark May hit the airwaves in Arkansas on Monday.

May joined Fayetteville’s Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly to discuss Arkansas’ search for a head coach.

He said, essentially, that he hasn’t been impressed with the Hogs’ recent athletic director/head coaching search.

“If you’re going to let go of your athletic director and then your head football coach, you better have a plan B,” May said to Mattingly. “Or at least a plan C or D … and they didn’t have any of those. That really shocked me and surprised me about this situation. If you’re going to make that decision, you better have somebody in your back pocket, and they don’t have a game plan.

“And it’s obvious … this is almost ‘Tennessee 2’ now.”

That’s a strong comparison, considering what a disaster the search in Knoxville has been over the past week.

But May emphasized that not having a coach at this time of year hurts recruiting tremendously.

“Maybe they have an athletic director now, but they don’t have a head coach,” he said. “What direction are you going to go in? You’ve got to get a guy to come in here and recruit. Remember, you’re going to be playing Alabama every year, so you’ve got to face the big dog.

“And right now, you’re the little dog in the house.”

May went on to suggest Arkansas should bring in legendary alum Jimmy Johnson to help with the search.

The Vols brought in a big name in former head coach Phillip Fulmer to try to save the day. It remains to be seen if that strategy will work.

Check out May’s full comments below, courtesy of a video posted to Twitter by @SportsTalkwBo: