Even though Arkansas has now been through the 2-year Chad Morris era and is now onto the Sam Pittman era since firing Bret Bielema, there are still some ties between the school and Bielema.

Most notably? A lawsuit, which alleges that Bielema worked for below market value during his 2 years with the New England Patriots.

Now, according to FootballScoop.com, Patriots coach Bill Belichick has been subpoenaed in the case:

The foundation alleges Bielema’s camp conspired with the New England Patriots to pay on overqualified coach a below market salary in order for Bielema to work for the club with Arkansas paying his salary.

Bielema is now a linebackers coach on Joe Judge’s staff with the New York Giants, and it is unknown what his salary is.

But, it seems the Razorback Foundation believes Belichick and the Patriots intentionally paid Bielema less money in 2018 and 2019 so he’d continue to receive his buyout from Arkansas.