Sam Pittman has long made it clear that Arkansas is where he wants to be, and now a new contract extension has made it a bit more clear.

While still not officially announced, Pittman commented about the new deal after the spring game on Saturday.

“I’ve agreed to what they’ve offered and they agreed that when I agree,” Pittman said, per On3 Sports. “I don’t know what that all means. Do you? I agree, they agree. So I guess that means we agreed.”

It also helps recruiting.

“Awesome,” Pittman said. “Awesome. You know, I will tell you this. It’s going to have a non-compete clause in it and that’s about all I’ll say about it but I am glad it does. It allows us to recruit. There’s a lot of different things in recruiting but one of them happens to be stability. They can fire me whenever they get good and ready to but I can’t leave if that makes sense. Don’t want to anyway but we’re using that.”

It’s not just Pittman himself, it’s the Arkansas coordinators as well.

“We have 130 schools, 8 of them have the head coach, their offensive and defensive coordinators still there in the last three years is what I read somewhere. You got eight schools that got the head coach, the OC, the DC of 130 the same ones they had three seasons ago. Or, going into the third season, excuse me. We’re trying to sell this contract as stability.”