Sam Pittman was asked about a type of confidence spreading through the Arkansas program, and he admitted on Thursday that he notices it, and explained what it means to him.

The Arkansas coach has shepherded the Razorbacks through a noteworthy turnaround where they went 9-4 last season, which followed a 3-7 mark after Arkansas struggled with back-to-back 2-win seasons.

“Real, I think, probably means there’s more people that believe in the team,” Pittman said. “Hopefully, there’s a few more fans, few more players and all that. I think there’s a quiet confidence, that’s kind of what you want when you’re a what you might call an underdog. There’s a confidence of we need to show people, and that’s kind of what we’re about, but yeah, I feel that about our squad as well.”

“If you beat some teams that maybe we’ve struggled in the past to do that, or beat some teams that they beat 10, 11 years ago, whatever that may be, I think that always helps with your confidence,” Pittman said.

This is all part of the culture change that Pittman has instilled in the program, and a big reason why he’s so popular around the state and across the SEC. It’s not only spread throughout the team, but also fans and media.