Sam Pittman is as well aware as anyone about the talent assembled at Georgia, and the Arkansas coach will get an up close view of the Bulldogs this week in Athens.

But after the Razorbacks knocked off Texas A&M on Saturday, he was asked about the team he was just recently the offensive line coach for under Kirby Smart. Georgia earlier Saturday beat Vanderbilt 62-0.

“I’m not even thinking about Georgia,” Pittman said, per On3, still elated with the Arkansas Razorbacks’ fourth victory. “Kirby, he won 100-0 today or whatever. I mean, Kirby will be ready to go. I’m — we’ll wait for tomorrow.”

Pittman had another funny exchange in the post-game press conference that brought laughter from the media.

Pittman was distracted amidst a reporter’s question, and he apologized, saying “I was looking at my wife.”

Pittman had a large bandage on the side of his hand, and his wife must noticed the issue.

“I’ve got a question,” she asked, “what happened to your hand?”

“Honey, you’re not, uh,” Pittman smiled and looked away. “Nothing. I got in a fight with my wife,” he joked. “Oh no, don’t say that. Nope! Whoops!”