Sam Pittman on Monday said the Razorbacks have a choice to make about getting over .500 as Arkansas sits at 5-5 with a game this week against Ole Miss in Fayetteville.

Arkansas wraps up the season at Missouri on Friday next week.

“We’re disappointed with where we are,” Pittman said. “We can either wallow in it or we can get bowl eligible. I think you saw Saturday our team wants to go to postseason play, and I think you’ll see it again Saturday.”

Pittman was asked about expectations, and fans being frustrated following the Liberty and Texas A&M losses. He said it’s a great thing, and that even if Arkansas was 10-0 people wouldn’t like Pittman or what he’s doing.

“That comes with the job, that’s just what it is,” Pittman said. “Is it right, is it not, I don’t have time to talk about that. You’re going to get criticized and we’re 5-5.”

He noted that wins last year over Mississippi State and LSU could have gone the other way and Arkansas would have been 7-6.

“We haven’t been able to win the close games,” Pittman said. “We’re going to have to figure out how to win close games and you’re going to have to learn how to do that every year. If you don’t, your record’s going to be from 9, 10 wins, to 6 and 5, that’s just how it is.”