After a less-than-desirable performance against Kent State, Arkansas head coach Sam Pittman sees plenty of areas that need to get better.

One of those areas is the offensive line. Pittman believes the offensive line didn’t perform well against Kent State on Saturday and it led to a slow offensive day.

“Our fits up front have to get better,” Pittman said in his press conference Monday. “In other words everything’s getting popped out to safeties and we’re not making any of them miss either. We’ve got to make safeties miss.”

But it isn’t all on the offensive line. He also wants to see improvement from his tight ends when it comes to blocking.

“The bottom line is this, our fits aren’t good at tight end, they’ve got to get better,” Pittman said. “Our fits are not good consistently up front, they’ve got to get better. Our blocking on the outside is on edge, it’s got to get better.”

Pittman saw some solid play from the offensive line on Saturday, but now it’s about finding consistency and playing well the entire game.

“This week it’s all about edges, it’s about displacing lineman,” Pittman said. “The only times we truly displaced their d-line is at the end of the game. Those things have got to become more consistent.”