There is plenty of material this season for the Arkansas social media and marketing departments to work with as the Razorbacks have already picked up two wins. That’s just fine with coach Sam Pittman.

“I think it’s good for the program. you have to watch it, if you start believing everything that everyone is saying about you, you could lose focus,” Pittman said on the SEC coaches media teleconference. “It could help recruiting and we’ll use it in recruiting.”

Pittman said he doesn’t micro-manage the social media team.

“I let them do whatever, I don’t have time to critique everything they do,” he said. “The Lion King one made me look kinda ridiculous. I am over that department but I don’t critique, I trust them.”

One of the ways Arkansas is winning this season is defensive coordinator Barry Odom has built multiple schemes to slow down opponents and force turnovers. He has shifted the plan from week to week depending on the opponent.

“The thing that Barry can do, and we have the kids to do it, we can play multiple defenses… it might be a whole new concept… he’s able to do that, he’s diligent in his film study and the kids believe in him,” Pittman said. “I think the schematics of (the defense) is based on what will give us the most success (week to week). It’s worked out for us.”