Sam Pittman’s Arkansas Razorbacks were thoroughly whipped by the Georgia Bulldogs 37-0.

Georgia’s defense limited Arkansas’ offense in every facet. The Bulldogs held the Hogs to just 162 total yards, including 75 rushing yards.

The Bulldogs running game pushed around Arkansas’ defense for 273 rushing yards, and UGA also blocked a punt for a touchdown.

Below is what Sam Pittman said about the Georgia Bulldogs:

Opening Statement
“I want to congratulate Georgia. They are the best football team we’ve played up to this point. They’re big, they’re physical. Kirby had his team ready, and I didn’t. … We’re just not where we need to be yet, because they dominated us. … We never could climb out of the hole due to Georgia’s physicality.”

On Georgia dominating Arkansas running game
“We started in a hole … it’s tough to get 15 or 20 against Georgia’s defense. Guys, I don’t want to simplify this, but they just whipped us physically. It wasn’t guys turned them lose in our backfield; we just couldn’t block them. Today, they out- physical-ed us and played bully-ball on us. We didn’t like it, but there wasn’t we could do about it during different times of the game.”

How Georgia was so dominant in the running game
“The offensive line is big and physical, and their big backs are hard to bring down. .. We knew it was going to be hard to get the backs down, but it’s harder when they’re double teaming you. It’s the physicality of their offensive line.”

On regrouping after the blowout loss
“It won’t be a problem … Georgia was a hell of a lot better than us. Hell of a lot better than us.”

On what he said to his team after the blowout loss
“Our pride got crushed. Our ego got crushed. But it’s one ball game … We could still play Georgia again this season (in the SEC Championship Game).”

How good is this Georgia team?
“It’s the best defensive front seven that I’ve seen. We used to go against them in practice. They can roll guys in on the second team. They’ve done an outstanding job recruiting — they are big, physical guys and like to play football.”

You can watch Pittman’s full press conference below: