Arkansas isn’t happy and certainly doesn’t agree with Jalen Catalon’s suspension for the first half of the Missouri game but the team will honor it next weekend, according to Sam Pittman.

If you missed it, you can view the play in the video found at the bottom of this page, Catalon was flagged for targeting in the second half of the LSU game. Due to the current NCAA rules on targeting, a player ejected in the second half of a game must sit out the first half of the next game.

Even if the call was questionable, which this one certainly was, Arkansas must honor the decision.

“You can’t review those,” Pittman said on Monday. “Once it goes under review if you have the appropriate amount of tape for their viewing then whatever their call is then it stands and you can’t petition that.

“You can’t, you just live with it, is what we were told. He’ll be out for the first half of the Missouri game and video review should be able to get those calls correct. And so that was the feeling of video review, they have ample time to get the correct call on the field.”

Pittman was asked about this situation after Arkansas AD Hunter Yurachek sent out a viral tweet saying the Razorbacks would fight against the decision to suspend Catalon for the first half of the Missouri game.

Many Arkansas fans are calling for the Razorbacks to play Catalon to start the Missouri game, regardless of the suspension. Doing so would result in Arkansas immediately forfeiting the game, so that obviously isn’t going to happen.

It’s a tough situation to be in but Arkansas will be forced to take out its frustrations on the Tigers this weekend.