Sam Pittman isn’t quite sure what to expect out of Cincinnati’s offense this week, as the Bearcats will have a new quarterback, and it hasn’t been announced yet.

Ben Bryant and Evan Prater are the quarterbacks competing for the starting job for the Bearcats to replace start Desmond Ridder, who was a 4-year starter at Cincinnati.

“We’ve got enough defense in, that we can attack whatever we see,” Pittman said. “I think the first couple series are going to be really important to kind of figure out what they’re bringing to the party. Some guys bring iced tea, and some guys bring liquor. You’ve just got to figure out what they’re bringing. Go in the 2-minute offense, you’ll figure out what kind of party you’re going to on the first play. They’re coming after you, you’re going ‘OK, this is what party it’s going to be.’ Or they’ll drop 8, you’ve gotta dink and dunk and get down in there. The first 2 series on both sides of the ball will be a big, big thing on Saturday in my opinion, and then how fast our coaches make adjustments, and then how fast theirs does.”

Halftime will be too long to wait to see about making adjustments.