For a first-time head coach, Sam Pittman got a nice deal full of incentives to coach the Razorbacks.

That’s a great sign of the level of commitment and support Pittman has in Fayetteville as the former Georgia offensive line coach has a lot of work to do to get the ship turned around in Arkansas.

According to documents shared by Arkansas, Pittman has been signed to a five-year contract that runs through Dec. 31, 2024. The new Razorback head coach will make $3 million a year during that time.

When it comes to incentives, Arkansas has Pittman covered there as well. The Razorback coach will receive a $250,000 bonus for winning six games in a season, a $500,000 bonus for winning seven games in a season and a $750,000 bonus for winning eight games in a season. Those figures are not to be combined, meaning winning seven games will result in a total bonus of $500,000 for Pittman.

Arkansas also plans to give Pittman an automatic one-year extension if he leads the Razorbacks to a bowl game during his five-year deal. He can add an additional second one-year extension by leading the Razorbacks to another bowl game during the five-year period.

All in all, that’s a nice deal Pittman landed to lead the Razorbacks.