Despite all that’s going on around the world following the coronavirus pandemic, Sam Pittman hasn’t even given the cancelation of the 2020 college football season a thought.

That isn’t Pittman being insensitive either, that’s just where the Razorback coach’s mind is at after landing his first major head coaching opportunity heading into the 2020 season. As they say, attitude reflects leadership and Pittman is leading the charge for Arkansas fans dying to see their team show some heart on the gridiron come the fall.

During a recent appearance on Little Rock-based 103.7 radio show “The Buzz” hosted by John Nabors, Pittman was asked if he’s given any thought to not playing football in 2020.

“No. Absolutely not. I never thought about it one time. No. No,” Pittman firmly stated.

“I don’t know if my mind won’t let me think about it but no. We have to stay safe, we have to do the right thing, the country needs college football. So, no, I haven’t thought about it. Obviously, we’ll do whatever they tell us to do but we’ll also be ready whenever they tell us to go, but no, that would be a sad situation and, of course, so is this virus, I understand – I’m not comparing the two by any stretch, but no, I haven’t really thought about it.”

When asked about the NCAA potentially amending the timeline for the start of the season, whether that’s starting the season early or starting it later than originally scheduled, Pittman says the key is having the players ready for competition.

“What you have to make sure is your kids are ready and in shape,” Pittman noted. “Certainly, majority of injuries happen when you are out of shape or tired, things of that nature. So, we just have to make sure our kids are in shape and I’m sure the NCAA will give us adequate time to do that.”

It’s clear based on Pittman’s response he’s eager to prove the Arkansas doubters wrong and he’s solely focused on making the most of his opportunity to lead an SEC program for the first time after serving as an assistant across the league.

As much as we all want there to be football played in 2020, it’s hard to argue anyone wants that more than Pittman.