Sam Pittman has not been shy to proclaim Arkansas his dream job but even he admits he didn’t think he would be the leader of the Razorback program following his interview with AD Hunter Yurachek.

Now entering his second season on The Hill, Pittman recalled the uncertainty he felt after interviewing for the position during a recent appearance on The Saturday Down South Podcast.

“I interviewed for (the Arkansas job), I didn’t feel like I was gonna get it,” Pittman said on the show. “We had just gotten beat by LSU and I get up the next morning, getting ready to go in and grade the tape after we had lost the SEC Championship Game and I remember telling my wife, ‘Ya know, we really ought to pray here and thank the Lord for all he’s given us.’

“I went to sleep that night really distraught because we had lost the championship game and I wasn’t involved, I didn’t feel like, in the Arkansas job, but I said, ‘We ought to be thankful for what we have. There’s a lotta people in the world that would love to have the opportunities we had.’ I was very at peace going to work that day knowing I’m not going to be able to be a head coach but I can still influence the lives of these kids.

“I had come to grips with all of those things, and not only come to grips, but knew I was very, very fortunate in the jobs I had been able to have,” Pittman said.

Thankfully for Pittman, and for Arkansas, Yurachek made the right move and brought the long-time offensive line coach home to call the Hogs.