Sam Pittman is easily considered one of the most likable coaches in the country, and at a press conference on Wednesday, the Arkansas coach was asked if he needs to have more people dislike him.

Pittman doesn’t quite see it that way.

“It’s not me versus Jimbo or me versus Nick Saban. It’s our team versus their team, that’s how I always kind of look at it. I like the guys, I like the head coaches in the SEC,” Pittman said. “I want to mind my own business, I ain’t worried about someone else’s business. I’m worried about mine, and our team and what we do. I think you can cause some frictions and some problems when you worry about somebody else’s team. If I wanted to worry about that team, I’d go interview for the job. It ain’t got nothing to do with me.”

Pittman’s approach has obviously worked so far, and he has Arkansas players and fans excited for the season perhaps more than they’ve been in a long time.